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B2B SEO Services: SEO for B2B Websites

While most of the best practices and general principles used by B2C SEO can be duplicated when creating a B2B SEO strategy, the fact still remains that in B2B SEO, there is more than merely ranking high on Google or Bing. Essentially, your B2B SEO should not merely concentrate on building high quality links but should also include strategies to enhance brand authority by providing good educational content and through the linkages with industry leaders, which will in turn establish the supremacy of your brand in the industry. And given that B2B cycles for sales move differently and last longer than the B2C equivalent, it is important to create SEO strategies that consider, plan and adapt to this need.

In an endeavor to ensure the best possible B2B SEO strategies for your company, we at Andyalagappan.com offer the following services for our clients

  • Research and Strategy for competitive B2B SEO: Firstly, we try and understand the current place you enjoy in comparison with your competitors in the online world. We also identify the opportunities that are present in your current scenario whilst also ascertaining your challenges as well as goals and needs that are long term, which is then utilized to create a strategy that is guaranteed to help you stand out.
  • Keyword Research: Andyalagappan.com offers extensive page by page keyword research services throughout your website to identify the main keywords that will direct organic traffic to your website. We believe that people searching for your website will conduct some online research before making it to your website and by the use of these unique keywords, it is possible to direct traffic in a better and more targeted manner. These are keywords which appeal to the decision makers as well as the influencers and actually attract them at the various stages of the buying cycle.
  • Optimization of your B2B Website: New target keywords, once identified, needs to be incorporated in your existing website content. Andyalagappan.com offers services, which works in coordination with your internal team to ensure better and smoother optimization through modifying content and website structures, where required.
  • SEO Link Building for B2B Websites: Mere creation and building of links is not enough for a successful B2B SEO strategy. This requires a clear understanding of the current link building process and status whilst also understanding the underutilized opportunities and making the most of it. For a successful B2B SEO, it is important to create the right links that attract the right kind of traffic to your website.
  • Social Media Marketing for B2B Websites: Andyalagappan.com handles all kinds of content creation for social media websites as well as its promotion to help ensure a better connect with your target audience and industry leaders.
  • Demand Generation SEO: Andyalagappan.com helps new businesses maintain an effective balance between growing your business using the current terminology in addition to expanding your website’s lexicon to include newer keywords that will propel your business to newer heights.
  • SEO Reporting: Andyalagappan.com provides monthly SEO reports that are shared with you by our SEO specialist in an attempt to understand the exact nature of your traffic, linking strategies, social media interventions and much more. In short, through these reports you can understand the impact your website has on the outer world.

Andyalagappan.com is a white hat SEO services and B2B inbound marketing services , which adheres to all the rules and regulations laid down in the webmaster guidelines of both Google and Bing. In addition we only employ white hat methods when building links as recommended and approved by Google.

Being a B2B website ourselves, Andyalagappan.com is aware of the unique challenges that come with our realm and therefore we work towards ensuring maximum success to our clients. Over the years, we have provided our services to several companies in different industries, including those like IT, manufacturing, software and many more.




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