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March 15th, 2014 :: Andy Alagappan :: B2B Inbound Marketing

Industrial marketing or B2B or business to business marketing is one of the marketing strategies adopted by the companies in order to advertise their products or services to another business. The goods that are generally marketed through this process are raw materials that other companies use in order to manufacture the end products. The main features of the B2B marketing are robust and help the manufacturers to market their product to other businesses.

There are two modes of marketing – one is business to customer marketing and the other one is business to business marketing. The second one is called as the industrial marketing or B2B marketing wherein a manufacturer sells its products to a business (eg) in a bulk order. For example a Pump manufacturer selling hundreds of pumps to a single Large business entity. This is called as B2B marketing. The B2B or industrial marketing is the branch of sales and communications that has specialization in selling products or services to another business in contrast to an individual customer. The process of B2B marketing is often complex as it involves a larger order and it creates a long-term relationship between the manufacturer and client, which starts with a strong on line web presence and e results in a face-to-face meeting. The process of communication in this method of marketing is basically one-to-one in nature. In today’s era of internet and digital marketing it is necessary to create a value content oriented website of the business directed towards other business.


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