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Preparing your website to handle traffic is more important and essential before worrying about offsite B2B link building and this is achieved through website optimization. Andyalagappan.com offers B2B website optimization services at two levels, namely, high level SEO recommendations and page by page SEO recommendations; both of which being necessary for ultimate web optimization and successful handling of web traffic.

Recommendations for High Level Onsite SEO

Andyalagappan.com utilizes the information provided by SEOMoz and your Google Webmaster Tools Account to identify the modifications, if any that is required to be made on your website to optimize it. These include factors like URL structure, web speed, internal linking structure, content and its duplication, pages that are not linked properly or floating pages, missing Metadata, broken links, temporary redirects and much more.

This high level audit and SEO recommendations is conducted from the perspective of search engines. This high level audit will also help you identify the changes that are needed to ensure that these search engines properly crawl and index your pages. It is important to understand that the shift in the focus of this strategy from a mere technical standpoint to a more marketing one, where you can actually study the impact of your existing strategy on the performance of your website on the different search engines.

Recommendations for Page by Page SEO

Andyalagappan.com utilizes the non branded keywords as per your final approval to ensure complete optimization of content on every page of your website. Content optimization includes optimizing the title tags as well as descriptions of Meta tags, despite the fact that these are not the most important factors involved in ranking. However, it is important to understand that these tags are relevant for matching the query of your user. Optimizing these tags will help ensure that your website stands out in face of your competition whilst also being attractive enough to ensure the attention of the person searching.

Given our firm belief regarding the importance of content that is meant for a human audience as opposed to a SEO rich content, we at Andyalagappan.com do not rewrite content. However, we work with the existing content to ensure maximum keyword optimization without really changing it. We understand that the importance of reaching out to people, as they are the ones who actually do business with your website. Therefore, while our recommendations will definitely put your website higher up in the search engine rankings, it will never forget your target audience.

Being a completely white hat SEO services provider, we at Andyalagappan.com do not believe in keyword stuffing or cloaking as measures to increase your ranks with search engines.