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Links have always been the backbone of successful online business marketing. However, with the recent updates from Google Penguin, it is important to ensure high quality in link building as opposed to high quantity. In other words, according to Andyalagappan.com, it is important to create fewer but high quality links, which will ensure better targeted traffic to your website as opposed to the general theme of creating many and myriad links. In short, if you want long term success in link building exercise, it is important to identify different ways to attract your visitors by using sources that are not merely restricted to Google.

Andyalagappan.com offers a 12 month white hat link building service, which not only helps your website effectively compete with others but also helps in increasing your online presence. This is done through the following steps,

  • Analyzing your existing back link profile through data provided by SEOMoz
  • Identifying the kind of links that have been built by your website in the past
  • Understanding and ascertaining the quality and value of these links, especially in the long term
  • Identifying the pitfalls as well as the opportunities that are present in your current link building profile
  • Understanding whether your existing profile is taking a natural course or is liable for penalties from Google Penguin
  • Identifying different activities that promote active yet natural link building, including those like content marketing, social media, online publicity, association with the industry and many others

Thinking out of the box is what Andyalagappan.com specializes in, especially when it comes to the realm of link building. Although it is a no brainer that creating links is the only way to get links, it is obvious that there are other ways to do it. These could include strategies like leveraging out of a social media or blog comment or even through guest blogging. Additionally, you could also optimize your presence by leveraging your profile on a community website. It is important to ensure that you get maximum targeted traffic from these links, which are a natural extension of your website as opposed to creating several links, which bring in different kinds of traffic.

Andyalagappan.com helps companies incorporate their B2B website link building strategies in their existing marketing opportunities. For instance, converting a webinar or a tradeshow into a link building opportunity is not only completely natural but also helps create better targeted traffic to your website. There is no doubt that several marketing strategies are resourceful and can be used to create better links to your B2B website. However, this lack of knowledge regarding the manner of conversion coupled with the fact that this is not considered a traditional link building exercise, makes it difficult for companies to actually go through with them. And this is where the expertise of Andyalagappan.com plays a very important role, where they actually help each department of your company understand how they can contribute towards better link building.