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Selling and buying strategies and techniques are completely different in the B2B website world when compared to the B2C websites. This is because most people traveling through your website are not usually leads in the traditional sense of the word. Moreover, they often do not become leads until they finalize or shortlist your website along with others in their final list. However, this does not mean that you cannot be prepared to ensure appropriate traffic to your website, irrespective of when customers come looking. And this is where the concept of using non branded keywords, appropriate to your industry and company comes into play.

While generic non branded keywords are definitely what most companies would love to use and excel at, Andyalagappan.com thinks that, to make your website more profitable, to ensure targeted traffic to your website. Andyalagappan.com offers B2B keyword research services, which are available on a page by page basis, ensuring that all your website pages are ranked, as opposed to the high page ranking of only your entire website. This type of keyword usage and research ensures that each page of your website becomes a landing page. However, for this to become true, it is important to identify the perfect non branded keywords meant for your use.

Andyalagappan.com’s B2B SEO keyword research involves,

  • Understanding the nature and purpose of your content on each page, which includes identifying the target groups that each page addresses,
  • It also includes understanding the intent of the user behind every search, which would actually help lead the visitor to your website
  • Helping you understand the importance of long tail non branded keywords, which help drive targeted traffic through your website
  • Research is conducted based on your existing content on a page by page basis, in coordination with the Google Analytics information as well as the Google Keyword Research Tool

Andyalagappan.com believes in ensuring complete partnership of the client, especially when faced with the challenge of finalizing keywords for your content. In other words, we provide you with a master list of all appropriate keywords for your review before actually moving onto the next step of optimization.

Given that non branded B2B keywords are constantly evolving with the changes and evolution in business, it is obvious that you need to be abreast of the latest keywords that are affecting search.