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Given that a significant amount of time and effort is spent on any business’s social media marketing strategy, it is important to know if you are going on the right track. In other words, it is important to understand whether your strategies and efforts are giving you results. This is where Social media reporting comes into play.

For full service clients at Andyalagappan.com, we offer the following services in this regard

Growth in the number of Website Visitors

One of the primary intentions of social media interventions is to ensure website traffic. Good efforts in this regard will obviously lead to an increase in the number of visitors coming to your website. At Andyalagappan.com, we monitor the number of people visiting your website through any or all of the social media websites that you are actively involved in, including those like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like whilst also providing detailed reports of the activity. In addition, we also provide detailed analysis of these visits, ascertaining the intention behind the visit and whether or not it led to conversion. Careful attention is also paid to the bounce rate of these visits from social media websites to ensure that the traffic is actively interested in what you have to offer. It is important to note that social media interventions are only one of the possible means for conversion and simply because conversion does not occur in the first visit, it does not mean that it will not occur. It is important to acknowledge and accept the role played by these websites in enabling the visitor move forward in the sales cycle.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Mentions

When you are actively involved in any social media intervention, it goes without saying that there is an increased awareness about your brand. The growth of social media interventions with regard to the company is usually monitored with regard to the number of friends, connections, followers and fans that you see. It is important to see an active increase in these numbers as your interventions increase in their frequency. Different social media tools are used for identifying the success of your profile in increasing social mentions as well as brand awareness.

Understanding Social Media SEO Signals

Social signals are those that are given from social media interventions, which incidentally play a very important role in increasing search engine rankings. The more attention a particular social media intervention receives, the higher it is ranked within search engines. Understanding these social signals and utilizing them to improve your brand awareness is usually done through meticulously prepared content and this is where we can help.