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Given the current economic scenario and budgetary constraints, it is not surprising that ROI is extremely important to all B2B marketing teams. It is important to account your expenditure and ensure that it results in bringing more money to your website. At Andyalagappan.com we believe in providing monthly B2B SEO reports, which are created by utilizing the information provided by your Google Analytics Account. These reports include details of

  • Traffic generation: Primarily, we look into the existing situation regarding traffic coming into your site. This is a high level snapshot, which helps us understand where the traffic is coming from.
  • Organic traffic generation: this includes understanding the kind of organic traffic that is sent to your website through search engines. In addition, it also studies the amount of time that is spent on your website along with understanding the exact pages to which traffic is attracted. Keywords that attract traffic to your website are also ascertained and in this regard we believe that long tail non branding keywords are the key to successful B2B website ventures.
  • Social media networking: In addition to search engine traffic, our SEO reports also have detailed analysis of social media influences on your website, especially with regard to where the traffic is essentially coming from and the kind of traffic that you are attracting through these ventures.
  • In addition, we at Andyalagappan.com also provide our inferences from the monthly link building exercises that we conduct for your business. This helps you understand the kind of links that are being created as well as the kind of traffic they generate.
  • Transparency is the key to successful SEO strategy and this is what we believe in at Andyalagappan.com

Our dedicated SEO specialist will be present at these monthly meetings as well as at other times to explain the meaning of these numbers and the progress that the company is making in its online venture. In addition, our expert specialists are always willing to provide any kind of additional data that you might require with regard to SEO strategies being deployed.