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Technical SEO Audits for SEO Clients

Full service clients of Andyalagappan.com are primarily undergo a thorough and rigorous technical SEO audit, through the use of a good SEO software, which actually helps us review your website from the point of view of search engines. This audit essentially helps identify any or all the issues that may have an impact on your website’s SEO strategies whilst also helping in identifying ways to correct them.

Essentially a technical SEO audit at Andyalagappan.com will include,

  • 404 errors
  • Improper redirects
  • Analysis of page loading time
  • Issues related to indexing with search engines
  • Duplication of content, including those in Meta tags
  • Possible black hat SEO penalties
  • Multiple links on single page and much more

By conducting this SEO audit, we will be able to understand the current nature of your link building strategies whilst also allowing us to go through your extensive link building history. Understanding the current situation, especially with regard to any possibility of negative impact, currently or in the future, on your website’s SEO campaign will help address and correct the issue before it gets out of hand. The SEO specialist and other experts at Andyalagappan.com are well equipped and capable of ascertaining the need for any remedy for avoiding penalties laid for black or grey hat SEO practices.

In addition, we at Andyalagappan.com use excellent SEO software, SEOMoz along with the information provided by your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster’s Tools Account to ascertain and identify opportunities that are currently available with your existing link building strategy, in an attempt to utilize them and leverage them for your website’s SEO success.

We provide a detailed written technical SEO audit document, which lists the current situation along with the detailed analysis of the problems in question. In addition, the document also provides detailed step by step recommendations for addressing the situation. Andyalagappan.com believes in working with the client and therefore all reports and recommendations are put into practice with the consent and approval of the client. In fact, we work in collaboration with your in house team, especially when conducting onsite SEO optimization. And where you do not have the in house capability to deal with such situations, we provide the necessary resources to handle the same.